Wednesday, 18 October 2017

haast/hollyford road

Writing from Different Perspective. why is this road being built? It is being built so people don’t have to travel so far and it will be a good road to drive. How much will money will they need to do it. They need $230million What will be good about it: That families will be able to have better picnics and be able to travel around the south island faster and FINALLY get some good fish and people will be able to get to the lake quicker and a better / smoother road there and it will get Haast some more customers at the shops and motels. The road is going through Haast to Milford sound. Things that are similar but worse: Well $230m is a lot of money and our parents will have to pay for it because of tax but at least they are spending it on something good like instead of a flag we are getting a new road that more people will use than a flag, I reckon this is a good idea because more people will use it instead of just looking at a flag.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

1985 bombing rainbow Warrior

Writing From Different Perspective Peace No War you're in our NZ Territory we want a nuclear free world. We don't want you coming into New Zealand And you testing all of your nuclear bombs when New Zealand do not want any trouble. We don’t want you french to come into New Zealand and start testing all your nuclear bombs you could hit our land, Nuclear also makes people sick we do not want you entering New Zealand with all of your Nuclear Bombs.A Female French Agent goes under the the Rainbow Warrior Secretly and put a Carbon and C4 bombs on the Hull of the Rainbow Warrior. Not knowing that there were people on the Rainbow Warrior because it was in the Auckland Harbor and it was in the middle of the night. Now the reason the french bombed the Rainbow Warrior was because Green Peace kept coming to the Testing sight and protesting and basicly they thought if the boat is blown up they have no boat to come to protest. When the french spies blew up the rainbow warrior they also thought that there was no one on the ship and there happened to be 4 people on the ship. Which cause two people on the Rainbow Warrior to Die Cause of Drowning and because of the explosion It was in 1985 in auckland harbour the rainbow warrior was making peace for nuclear weapons The person that bombed the boat was christine Carbon and they used c4 to blow up the rainbow warriors and one person died.

Monday, 16 October 2017

1981 springbok tour

Springbok called for no maori players and then it broke out riots fights new zealand was divided for 56 days riot police had to defend the field from getting rust by protested but they from air flower bombs and smoke grenades but they played on but outside fights went on people's faces had blood all over riot police use bats and riot shields just because  south africa does not like black people so they don’t like maori it's not there country the maori can play rugby it's their` country why would  they be racist to maori it’s dumb because someone is maori that they can not play it’s racist is the fight goes on...TBC