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referee can not be right all the time

I disagree that the referee can always be right i've been angry at a referee for their calls like when I got punched in the face when i guy could not take a tackle and got and punched in the.

face and referee done not a single thing about it and watched it I was about to punch him back in the face but the referee said no! But it's in self-defence so i did not punch him because the.

referee said but then i tackled him hard as possible when he had the ball as revenge.But what i said the referee can not be right like in basketball i got fouled so hard but the referee but did not call a foul or like the football world cup when that shot went in but they did not use. cameras so the referee did not know if it went in or not but watching it went in the goal it went over the line into the goal and bounced out and the goalie grabbed it or like that guy got knocked. out by the keeper or one time i was on my knees and sritp the ball in rugby you can not do that and it was on there trylin…

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